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Martín Barrera Oro

I am an Argentine national now living in Dublin with my Irish wife, Julie-Anne and my son Seán.

My love and enthusiasm for the outdoors began at the young age of 5, when my grandparents, Hector and Chavela took me to visit Patagonia for the first time. Shortly afterwards, my father; an agricultural engineer, fisherman and advocate for the environment, introduced my brother and I to fishing which became, without doubt, my favourite activity. As a family we travelled all across Patagonia and the centre section of the Andes range, the place where I was born (Mendoza).

Finalising my university studies in tourism in Mendoza, my working trips gave me the opportunity to fly fish in five continents: Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

In Africa I worked as an overland guide, on multi-day trips (sometimes up to three months) transporting and guiding large groups across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique. I would guide people on safari though the plains of Africa grabbing any spare time I could to fish. I had many close encounters with wildlife which I would be happy to tell you all about when we meet.

After my return from Africa, I continued guiding groups all across South America before finally settling down at home, back in Mendoza where I started my first company: a wine and bike tour enterprise.

Simultaneously, I became an active member of all of the national Fly Fishing Associations (AAPM, AMPM, EMPM and Andes Anglers) gradually obtaining all the local qualifications and commencing my new vocation as an instructor.

In May 2022, I travelled to Italy where I received my International Fly Fishing Instructor certification, (Casting Instructor Fly Fishing Federation) and shortly afterwards, when I moved to Ireland, I completed the local examinations and certifications to become Qualified Professional Game Angling Instructor for APGAI.

Now in Ireland, I have decided to dedicate my life’s work and time to the things I do and like to do best: the outdoors, fishing, travelling, guiding and teaching. I am passionate about everything I do and delighted to share my knowledge and experiences with those who choose to come and visit us at Ireland Anglers Fishing School and/or The Flying Angler.

At Ireland Anglers Fishing School, whether a beginner, intermediate or experienced fly fisherman, you will have the opportunity to learn and improve your skills as well as enjoy new fishing experiences.

If you are looking for a more exotic fishing experience then visit our sister site: where you can book your trip to Fish Dorado, Pacu or Surubí on the Paraná River, sea trout in Patagonia or Tiger fish in Africa (TBC). No matter which trip you choose, I will be there to prepare you and accompany you on your journey.

Martín Barrera Oro

  • Qualified Professional Game Angling Instructor (APGAI: Association of Professional Game Angling Instructors of Ireland)
  • Casting Instructor, (FFI CI: Fly Fishing International Certified Instructor)
  • Casting Instructor (AAPM: Asociación Argentina de Pesca con Mosca / Argentinian Association of Fly Fishing
  • Casting Instructor (AMPM: Asociación Mendocina de Pesca con Mosca / Mendoza Association of Fly Fishing
  • Casting Instructor (EMPM: Escuela Mendocina de Pesca con Mosca / Mendoza School of Fly Fishing)
  • Casting & Fishing Instructor (EAAPM: Escuela Andes Anglers de Pesca con Mosca / Andes Angler School of Fly Fishing)

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Martín Barrera Oro

Certified by:

Fly fishers international
Apgai Ireland
Asociasión Argentina de Pesca con Mosca

Asociasión Argentina de Pesca con Mosca

Asociación Mendocina de Pesca con Mosca

Asociación Mendocina de Pesca con Mosca

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Escuela Andes Anglers




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